Medical Massage of Delaware

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Here are Three Key Guidelines for Choosing Your Treatment, Massage Therapy Clinic, Therapist, and Therapy.

The facility must be experienced in working with insurance carriers and medical providers.

The therapist must have advanced training and experience in treating soft tissue injuries.

The therapy must include client education and training in self-care techniques.


Medical Massage of Delaware has provided service to many clients since the start of business in 2008. Through the expert treatment of soft tissue injuries (injuries that involve muscles, ligaments, and tendons), we have built a reputation with health care providers that has enabled us to expand throughout the beautiful state of Delaware.

We provide only therapists who have advanced training in soft tissue injuries and are invested in helping you restore your health through treatment and education about preventative self-care techniques. We work with clients who are covered by their insurance (auto insurance, workers’ compensation, and some major medical) and self-pay as well.

Our Mission!

It is the goal of Medical Massage of Delaware to provide you with the best care possible and give you back control of your health and well-being.

Most of us have suffered from a soft tissue injury at some time in our lives. Soft tissues are the supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments of our body skeleton. An injury to any of these tissues can be caused by overuse, inappropriate use of deconditioned muscles, repetitive motion, or a single event, such as a collision, fall or trauma.

Soft tissue injuries can be very painful and difficult to treat because the connective tissue, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are so intimately connected.In response to an injury, the body’s own healing mechanism immediately kicks in, increasing circulation to the area to facilitate healing. This ‘healthy’ response often yields swelling, instability, and PAIN. Acute or chronic pain in the neck, back, or other part of the body can make daily activities much more difficult, interfering with work, family, and social life.

Some of the medical conditions that have been treated by the Delaware massage therapists at Medical Massage of Delaware are as follows: sciatica or low back pain, neck pain, whiplash, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff or other shoulder injuries, headaches, numbness and tingling, repetitive motion injuries, carpal tunnel, and thoracic outlet syndrome.

There are far too many people who have yet to experience the true benefits of this therapy. Don’t be one of these people any longer. No matter the reason for the pain you are experiencing you deserve to be living a pain free life. Let our massage in Delaware team prove to you that this could be the answer you’ve been searching for all along.

It is the goal of Medical Massage of Delaware to provide you with the best care possible and give you back control of your health and well-being.

Locations include: Millsboro | New Castle | Wilmington | Newark | Dover